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From the OCTAGON (6km, 10min). Head north along George St all the way to the Gardens Shopping Area. Drive down North Rd to just before the Normandy Tavern (where the road starts climbing) then veer left onto Norwood St. Carry on up this narrow road until you get to Bethunes/Gully Forrester Park (BMX Track). If you turn left, this leads you to Bethunes Gully. If you follow the road right (past the BMX track), you get to Forrester Park.

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Forrester Park:

As you are heading up the main road past the BMX track, there is a gravel track that starts on your left and goes around the outside of the soccer playing fields, the dog kennels, then up to the top playing field. From there, you head down a Beginner/Intermediate level track (mostly suitable for kids) in the pines with a few switch backs and corners, a couple of small jumps at the bottom, then a gradual climb to the top carpark above the BMX track.

Bethunes Gully:

There are three main track areas in Bethunes Gully - the Left Hand Side, the Right Hand Side, and the new Right Hand side. These refer to the tracks in relation to where they are as you head up the road from the carpark at Bethunes Gully.

The left hand side track can be accessed by heading up the start of the Mt. Cargill Walking track. There are MTB signs for where to turn off if you want to ride/walk your bike up to the top, then turn around and come back down. Alternatively, you can keep climbing up the Walking track until to reach a skidder track on your left after the second footbridge. The Mt. Cargill Walking Track is strictly a walking track so don't climb up any further. When you reach the gravel road at the top, head down the road looking out for the entrance of the Haggis Hunter track on your left hand side. The gravel road is on private land so please respect the landowners. Head down the track which winds it's way down to the bottom again. Watch out for riders heading up and the boardwalks if they're wet.

The right-hand side Nats track begins before the footbridge in the clearing. Head up a relatively technical climb, then come down a relatively technical descent with drops and tight corners. Fun! Alternatvely, go left at the Sport/Expert fork and carry through Dead Cow Gully to the In & Out track.

When you're heading back to the carpark from finishing the first RHS track, the In & Out track is now on your left hand side and starts by heading up into the pines. A few corners to start with on the relatively gradual climb up but the rest is fine if you don't look down the bank! When you get to the top, follow the track down through some nice bermed corners, a bridge, and a couple of boardwalks. Again, watch out for riders going the other way. At the end of the boardwalk, you can follow the main gravel road back out to the intersection of Norwood and Cluny St, or you can head up a new climbing track on your left. This leads you out a bit higher on Norwood St. Either head down Norwood St to the bottom, or head down Norwood St for a few metres, and hang a left through a gap in the fence. This will lead you down a short, steep-ish track back into Forrester Park.


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