Whare Flat Trail Network

Snakes and Ladders 1&2, The Third Place and The Green Mile 

Skill level: Intermediate to advanced

Please keep the skids in your pants and off the trails

Excitement level: Pretty high as there are heaps of natural and man-made stunts

The trail starts about 1km along Laings Road, off Whare Flat road (on way up to the Bullpen) on the left. Look out for the entrance sign in the bike rim. Right from the get go it's tight technical riding with challenging natural and man-made obstacles continuing for close to 6km.

At the end of The Third Place, either hang a right and follow Surge Tank road out to High St and Longridge road, or for more fun go left 5m to enter The Green Mile. After some flowy trail and several skill testing stunts it pops out onto Burma road. Follow this up the hill round the hairpin when you get to the T intersection go left and eventually this will take you up to the start of Laings road via the Mackie Dackie track.

A new climb line has just been finished which starts just after the tyre wall ride and takes your back up to the start of The Green Mile via a very mellow gradient single track. Be rude not to do a few laps!

Updated trail map: Whare Flat Map 2014.pdf

Sweet wee vid from Jen and Alex Alex and Jen's Snakes n Ladders video

Just found a pretty old and scratchy video:

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