Wakari Creek Trails

Over the past 2 years Mountainbiking Otago, Tim Cleminson & Crew and the Corrections Dept have been developing mtb-specific trails through the Redwoods.  These are plantation trees in Ross Creek Forest which is managed by City Forests.  We've also built a carpark on Wakari Road.  As of September 2011 we've constructed:

The Redwood Loop (Grade 2 - Beginner)

This starts from the carpark on Wakari Road and zig-zags up to the top of the Redwood trees.  It then loops down the hill back to Wakari Creek.  From here you can continue down the creek on the Grade 3 Slytherin Trail, or cross the bridge and take the McGouns Extn track back to the carpark. McGouns Extn is shared use, so watch out for walkers.

Slytherin (Grade 2+ - Beginner-Intermediate)

This trail continues down Wakari Creek from the Redwood Loop to the bottom trail hub which is near the dip in Wakari Road.  Most of the trail is Grade 2 level, but some of the corners get more challenging towards the bottom of the track.  From the bottom hub, cross the bridge over Wakari Creek and climb up Syltherin back to the carpark.

Weir Two (Grade 3 - Intermediate)

Weir Two is a more challenging climb from the bottom hub up to McGouns Road.  It zig-zags up the hill from the bottom hub, past an old water intake weir.  At the top of the trail you can turn right then left to climb up McGouns Road to the skid site, or turn left and drop down the ridge back to the bottom hub.

Skidder Track (Grade 2 - Beginner)

Climb up McGouns Road and turn left at the top to descend the Skidder Track.  This is a wide flowing track that takes you down to the top trail hub. 


Maps, Images and Discussion:

Link to Wakari Creek trail map

Link to Trailbuilding Images 

Track Features: Large stand of Redwoods planted around 100 years ago.  Sheltered from the weather. 

Class: Suitable for Novice riders, but still lots of fun for everyone.

Grade: Climbing track is an easy 3 degrees.  Descending line around 6 degrees

Elevational Drop: (75m range)  

Under the wheel:  Redwood loop is shingled.  

When to ride: Any time

When not to ride: Watch out for falling branches when it's really windy.

Directions: Trails start from the carpark on Wakari Road.  They may also be accessed from the dip in Wakari Road, or via McGouns Road which starts from the bottom of the Pineapple track at the corner of Tanner and Fulton Roads.  

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