Signal Hill

How to get there:

From the OCTAGON, head north along George St all the way to the GARDENS SHOPPING AREA, drive along the Northern flank of the Dunedin Botanic Gardens on OPOHO RD, then up the hill on to SIGNAL HILL RD.  Keep to the tarseal until you see the monument.  Just below the monument start on the roller coaster and follow your nose. There's a map at the entrance gate which should help you find your way.

The map below shows 4WD roads, downhill tracks, cross country tracks and the new climbing track (The Big Easy).  Click on the following link for a pdf version of the map: Signal-Hil-map-March-2014.pdf

There is a HEAP of riding available on the hill (not just downhill stuff either), best thing to is take your bike up and go exploring. The tracks are signposted and fairly easy to recognise. There is also a trail map at the gate at the top of the roller-coaster next to the monument. This map has the grades and difficulty on them so you can figure out where you might want to ride according to your ability.

Elevational Drop: 300m – 20m (280m range)  

Under the wheel:  Clay track, pine needles, rock-strewn soil  and the air underneath you as you hit the gaps.

When to ride: A mid summers eve after a spell of dry weather. Ride it when it’s a bit damp for added madness.  

When not to ride: A howling southerly, especially when very wet.  (Stay OFF the lower half of the Big Easy when wet, for obvious reasons).


1 September 2015 - 31 August 2016

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