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We go riding every Saturday afternoon all year round. Enjoy a cruisy ride or if you want to extend yourself hang out with the Medium Fries or even the Tuffnuts. We explore back roads and trails all around greater Dunedin.
The AOK Social Riders rides were originally started by John Fridd in November 1999, to give riders on the annual AOK Rally (up to 300 riders) the opportunity to practice regularly and meet their fellow AOKers.
The AOK rides have now been divided into two groups: Otago MTB Social Riders (this page) and the AOK Wanderers for those wanting a cruisier ride.
Since then we've ridden every Saturday, winter or summer. At the start of each ride we break into two or three packs, depending on fitness, age and aspiration, and the rides range from the fun Cruisy outings (not too many hills), to the Tuffnuts rides; more suitable for adventurous types who want to test their fitness and nerve. On social rides you'll meet lots of fellow bikers, acquire some new skills and also learn how to care for your bike.

We offer at least 2 different rides to cater for the fit and the not-so-fit. We usually ride on public or forest roads; although we have been known to head up Swampy Summit or along the Government Track. Sometimes we ride the roads on the Peninsula and out to Aramoana, and we have even organised weekend trips away to Naseby, the Catlins and Alexandra.

Our rides normally start from a cafe or bar, and we always have a drink afterwards - the social side is extremely important! There is no charge for coming along, and details about the venue for the next ride and a few reviews on more recent adventures are posted on the Otago MTB Social Riders Forum or on our Facebook Page

1 September 2019 - 31 August 2020

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