Jubilee Park

(Locally known as the Trevor Gerrish Memorial Track - Trev's Track)

This Park was first established as “Tomlinson’s Paddock” and later named Jubilee Park after Queen Victoria’s Jubilee in 1887.   The Jubilee Park mountain bike circuit was designed and developed by the late Trevor Gerrish (a mountain bike personality) and the Dunedin City Council. Local mountain bikers know the circuit as “Trevs Track”.  Jubilee Park is a fun, safe and easy circuit (but still challenging) for parents, children and seasoned riders alike. Most of the MTB loop track has been gravelled, but some sections can get a bit tricky when wet. The area will undergo more debate as it gets more use by MTBers, no doubt, so keep to the MTB tracks as not to provide the “old biddies” with ammunition to fire the clubs way via the DCC.  Opened officially in April 2000.

How to get there:
From the Octagon, head along Princess St to the Exchange. Turn into Rattray St then into MacClaggan St and pastthe Harvey Norman building on the right and the   Warehouse on the left. Ride up Serpentine Ave for about a kilometre and then turn right into Maori Rd at a four-way intersection. A Jubilee Park sign is about 100m up the road on the right.   There is a small car park on the edge of the playing field for vehicles.

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Single loop track forming a rough figure of eight. This track is fun for riders of any ability and ideal for families.   It is recommended mountain bikers ride in the direction of the arrows shown on the map.

Track features: easy-going gravel and a few steps to keep you sharp

Class: Most sections EASY, done at pace or at nighttime with lights - AVERAGE


Grade: Undulating gravelled single track

Elevation: 80m – 120m (50m range)


Under the wheel:  dirt, roots, gravel, lost walkers and dogs... and the odd grumpy old lady 

When to ride: after a spell of dry weather (until they gravel the whole thing) and at night for more advanced riders


When not to ride:  When its really wet, mud and wet grass make a slippery track and when it cuts up bad the DCC close it pronto, so it's best to stay off it when its really wet until its dry again.

1 September 2019 - 31 August 2020

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