2016 MBO Survey Results

Recently the Mountain Biking Otago club invited anyone with an interest in mountain biking in Dunedin to participate in a small online survey. The goal of conducting this survey was to gather feedback on the club's activity, gain insights on people's views of the club, assess the trail network, events and how the club serves the riding community of Dunedin. The results from this survey will help the club progress forward and provide some focus on how to provide more value for money to its members. It also provides some good information for us to base decisions on around how and where you like to ride. We were very pleased to have 148 responses to our survey and would like to thank those who took the time to provide their opinions.


We were very pleased to see that much of the feedback was positive to what the club has achieved and our flagship events.


There were some key messages that have come out of the survey of how the club can better serve its current membership base and to help grow membership. Firstly, communication from the club needs to be improved both by the committee and in the ways in which information is disseminated through the website and social media forums. Improving communication will help solve many of the issues that were raised around what the club has been doing and is planning. Secondly, that many of you want to see the Big Easy and the Nicols Creek tracks completed. We can say that over the last few weeks that the graveling efforts to finish the Big Easy have progressed this down to the 4X track and we expect the graveling to be finished by the end of July weather permitting. The committee have been busy consulting on and preparing the resource consents to get the road and carpark finished at Logan Park and to link the Nicols Creek track to the top of the ridge. Finally, there are many who would like more regular contact and connection with others in the sport/community and who feel that the club should provide more club nights and social functions. This will help to foster a better sense of community within those who ride knobbly tyres in Dunedin.


The club committee has taken all the comments on board and, combined with your preferences for racing and riding, will prioritise these and provide regular updates as to what is happening over the course of the next few months. Please keep an eye out on our website and facebook page for updates (which will be updated more regularly).


Other major initiatives, in no particular order, that we will be doing in the next 6-12 months include:

  • Lodge consents for the Logan Park road and Car Park.
  • Lodge consent to finish the Nicols Creek track.
  • Continuing support for of the South Dunedin Cycling Network.
  • Continuing support of the Bike School initiative to get more kids out on mountain bikes.
  • Finished the Big Easy.
  • Running a Winter Nightriding Series.
  • Running a local Spring Enduro Series.
  • Running a local DHSS event.
  • Running the South Island Secondary School Mountain Bike Champs and National NZSS.
  • Helping to run the Urge 3 Peaks Enduro
  • Running a 2017 National Cup event.
  • Continuing to develop strong relationships with key stakeholders that allow us to ride on their land.


The information gathered in the survey will be useful for the club committee to push the club in the direction wanted by its members. Here are some quick highlights from the survey:

  • Signal Hill was the most popular riding area with 49% of respondents indicating that this was their first choice of riding area, Wakari was the second most popular with 25%, Nichols Creek the 3rd with 12%, Forester Park and Bethunes 4th most popular with 7% and Whare Flat 5th with 3% of respondents. 5% of respondents had not ridden any of these trails.
  • 46% of participants were club members.
  • 93% of participants like to race their bikes with xc and enduro races being the most popular.
  • 72% of survey participants are keen to help with maintenance or the building of tracks.
  • The club’s top 3 priorities according to the survey participants are track building, track maintenance and running events.
  • Naseby 12Hr and 3 Peaks are your two favorite club events on our yearly race calendar.

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