On the last few Sunday mornings sessions we have re-bermed the first two corners in from the Carpark and have made a start re-berming the downhill line from the top hub, we are about halfway down this line now and have built five new killer berms. We will be up there each Sunday continuing to re-berm this line  which we should be able to finish in the next few weeks.

If your keen to help we will be there from 10am for a couple of hours.

Future work planned is as follows:
1. Build some berms on the start of Slythryn and reshingle the first 80-100 metres. 
2. Reshingle from the second bridge in up to the Redwoods. (only 3-4 Dumper loads so wont take long)
3. Tweaking the two new lines down through the Redwoods before "opening" these tracks..

We are hoping to get all this work done before Spring so it will be in tip-top riding condition for Summer, so if you can helpout for a couple of hours on a Sunday morning it would be most appreciated...

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We will be up at the track again this Sunday 26th from 10am for a few hours continuing to reberm the corners on the original Redwood line.


We had another great session reberming on Sunday and have re done the three corners on the zig-zag above the banana bridge and rebermed four corners at the start of Slytherin. Some of them still need some shingle so please treat them with care until we can get that done. These corners are now much better to ride as you can maintain your speed and lines and be smooth rather than having to brake for the corners.

We will be back up there again this weekend trying to finish the last few on the Redwoods line and there are a couple to tweak further down Slytherin.    

Please try not to skid on the track, and if you see other people doing it please ask them not to as it causes ruts to form which then attracts water/puddles and we get mud and bumps which all have to be fixed by the track fairies...   



This Friday (7th) we have four staff members from National Bank doing a days community service at Wakari Creek. We will be reshingling around the top of Slytherin, the Zig Zag corners, the Redwoods uphill line and track near the carpark. Time permitting we will re-berm some more corners on the Redwood line as well. 

So if you're available to help then you'd be welcome to join us. We are meeting at the carpark at 8:30 or phone/txt me on 027 4325751 to find out where we are working


We had a great session with the National Bank staff on Friday and reshingled from the second bridge in up to the Redwoods, also the Zig-Zag and walking track back to the footbridge, and did a large amount of Slytherin right down to the tree you duck under.
Also on Sunday we rebuilt four berms on the Redwoods downhill line and this leaves only one to do which we should get done this weekend, there's no shingle on these berms yet so ride with caution esp if its wet.

This Sunday we have just two berms to rebuild, one at the bottom of the Redwoods and the other at the bottom of the skidder track just above the top hub. Once these are done we can move onto the other two lines in the Redwoods and get them tweaked up so we can open the new track.


We had a good session on Sunday morning and built the last berm on the Redwoods line and one at the bottom of the Skidder track above the top hub. Now you can roll that corner with out heading off into the trees...

We are moving the Sunday work parties to Tuesday evenings starting on the 2nd October, usually meet at the carpark about 6 and do an hour two depending on light. Our focus over the next few weeks will be to fix the track at the weir on Slytheryn Up and clean out the creek at the weir so it doesnt flood over the track in the future. There are about 3-4 corners on Slytheryn Down which need a small tweak on their exits as they have dropped away which we will do after fixing the weir. 


This Tuesday (2nd) we will be fixing the track at the weir on Slytherin up, we will bring some gravel down from the carpark and will attempt to clean out the fallen trees over the weir and creek. Usually start about 6 for an hour or so.


No work party tonight (9th Oct), too cold and wet..

Hi all

Tomorrow night (8th Oct) we will be restarting the Tuesday Evening work parties at Wakari. There are a few corners to fix up and improve on the downhill lines to make them flow better as well as a few things that need fixed. 

So if your able to help out we will make a start at the Top Hub from 6pm, we are usually only there for a hour or so. Bring some tools etc..

txt or call on 021 2498899 if you cant find us. 



Last night Hamish, Alan, Chris, Josh and myself had a tidy up from the start of the Rollercoaster line from the top hub. We built up some berms and fixed some drainage and had a general fluff up.

Next week (Tues 15th) we will be putting some shingle on the damp spots on this line and doing some maintenance on the Redwoods downhill line to rebuild a couple of berms to make them flow better.

Once these two lines are fixed up we will be moving onto the 3rd line nearest the replanted area to build some features such as jumps,  rollovers etc to make this a bit more fun to ride.  

Future plans are to finish off the end of this line to take it down near the bottom hub. So there is plenty to do and if your keen to help make these tracks better then we will be there from 6pm every Tuesday (weather permitting) probably for the next few months..



Here are a few photos.  We got quite a bit done in a couple of hours.

Hi all

We will have another session tonight from 6pm and will be working on the Redwoods downhill line, a couple of the berms have dropped away so we will build them back up to make the corners ride smoother. So if you are free to help for an hour or so would be most appreciated, we will need a couple of wheelbarrows for moving material if you've got one available.



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