the three peaks track is cleared and good to ride (as long as the wind yesterday didn't down anything).

I haven't spotted more tracks than my own... has anyone else ridden it?

I've put in many hours clearing and digging. Can someone put it onto the MTB Otago site? Some signs showing the way could also be useful...

The access rules are as per City Forests rules... access outside business hours.

From now I will be working to open up a few more routes up there.




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Great effort Dougal

Rode today.. one small tree down, will take a saw next time.

Went down a skidder track I have been eyeing to improve, pretty much a breeze straight through. A couple of hours with a spade and a few riders through will improve it. Marked Nemo's on the updated map.


Hi Dougal,

We rode the 3P track about 6-8 weeks ago - the downhill through the trees was fun. It could do with some signage on it though, even just some arrows spraypainted on the road/track at the junctions - we got a bit lost after coming out of the top section. A climb line from Leith Valley would be ace to save having to grunt up Patmos Av to get to the track!!!


Have put in a few markers on the top section of track, more to follow as I make them.

Updated map: I've started shaping Nemo's (the thin red line linking 3P top and 3P bottom). The entrance is reasonably obvious: turn right at bottom of 3P top, go 100m, turn down right. Will need a bit of shaping but it is clear of obstructions. A couple of steep walking sections (95% ridable).


Forestry crews have been pruning and thinning the Mt Cargill forest. They have not been clearing the track so it is presently lost. I will ring City Forests tomorrow...

Talked to City Forests: the track was not logged on their GIS so the contractor did not know to leave it clear. The contractors will be back in spring to finish the job and may be required to leave the rest of the track clear. What's been left on the track at the moment will have to be cleared by...

has there been any change in the status of this track? keen to explore somewhere new with a spade.

The word is City Forests aren't too happy with the unsanctioned work going on up there... Best avoid until we get confirmation either way

understood. Has thought been given to continuing the track over the road and down to haggis hunter one day?

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