The weather forecast for the weekend isn't that flash, so if you're not riding your bike on Sunday, feel free to pop up and help with a bit of track maintenance. 
We'll repair the last of the pig-rooting damage just above the big macrocarpa trees.  Basically grubber and shovel work to reinstate the edge of the track.  We'll also cart some gravel up using the tracked dumper then wheel barrow it down the track.
If it's not too wet then we'll drive up through the farm next door (going to fix up the farm track on Saturday), so you want a lift up, meet at the bottom of Nicols at 9am. Otherwise ride or walk up and we'll be above the macrocarpas somewhere.  Hamish 027 442 6474.

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Since Pete and Adrian missed out on Sunday morning, they were keen for some exercise on Monday so we went up and fixed the rest of the pig rooting at Nicols.  We grabbed some tools and a dumper load of gravel.

The pig has taken a good foot off the side of the track in quite a few places.  It's still fine to ride, but over time the edge will tend to creep in another 100mm or so then people will start losing their front wheels.  Best to fix it properly now.

Where we could we dragged material back and packed it in.

Unfortunately the dogs had other ideas.  At least the MBO predator control program is going well, with the score currently sitting at Dogs 3, Possums 0.

We gravelled the larger fills, but they'll be soft for a while so best keep off them.

The next jobs will probably be cleaning out the culverts and a bit of weed-whacking along the inside of the track.  We've also got some gravelling to do up the top of the track but it's pretty wet at the moment.

Hamish and Wilson also spent most of Saturday clearing tree fall from the track. 

Hamish wielding the worlds newest chainsaw:

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