This Sunday we're going to clear the bush along the boundary between Nicols Creek and Anderson's farm.
The boundary fence is pretty knackered so we’re pitching in to help replace it. The Andersons have been very generous allowing us access through their farm to build and maintain the track up Nicols Creek, so helping with the fence is a way we can pay them back. There’s also a little bit of self-interest at play, as they’re allowing us to re-route the lower part of the fence so we can open up access to the bottom of the enduro line which is on their property.
If you’ve got a chainsaw then bring it along with appropriate PPE. We’ll have a couple of scrub bars and loppers as well. Will definitely need a few spare hands to clear material as it’s cut. Wear sturdy footwear the fence line is steep in places.
Meet at the bottom of Nicols Creek at 8am then we’ll drive up through the farm. If you sleep in then ride or walk up and we’ll be working alongside the fence between the second clearing (the one with the big s-bends) and the big macrocarpas (blue line on the map below). If we can get 3 or 4 pairs of people on to it then we should have it done by lunch time, ready for the fencer to look at next week. Hamish - 027 442 6474

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A big thanks to the mothers that let their other halves out to lend a hand at Nicols on Sunday (Mrs Adrian, Mrs Wilson and Mrs Pete). 

First up we had a crack at helping the Andersons bring the sheep in.  Despite everyone's best efforts they made a break for it into the gorse, lead by a couple of very woolly rouge ones.  Their time will come eventually...

About 9am we started on the worst bit of the fence line which leads up from the second clearing.  Packed gorse on one side and fairly thick native on the other.

It was pretty solid going with the vegetation doing more to keep the stock in than the fence.

Kath Anderson came up and helped clear the cuttings.  Kath and the rest of the family have been hard at work for the last week clearing the route for the new fence further down the hill.

Once the gorse was pushed back, Wilson started trimming up the council side of the fence.

We should have more than enough room to work now.

Jamie pushed up into the worst section of gorse just above the corner around the lone macrocarpa tree, with Pete doing the clean out work.  Jamie's a mountain biker from way back and used to build trails on the family farm, so he's pretty rapt having some trails next door.

Wilson started working from the top down with Erin chucking the gorse.

The two teams met somewhere in the middle, still following what was left of the fence.

After 3 solid hours we made it up to the gate just below the big macrocarpas - they certainly didn't skimp on strainer posts back in the day.  A little more work on the council side and that was it for the day.  Kath then put on a bit of a feed which was much appreciated.

That's the worst bit the fence cleared - about 150m through old man gorse.  A couple of hours trimming above here and the new fence can start going in.  Once the bush is stock proof we can start looking at getting on top of the possums and other pests (pigs maybe!). 

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