Same again this Sunday. We'll do a little bit more work on the Haggis Basher entrance to make it rideable and maybe cut through the next section further down the hill. There's also a couple of small drainage issues to fix right at the top of the Big Easy.

Drive or ride to the top of Signal Hill. We'll be there with heaps of tools from 10am through to 1ish. Hamish 027 442 6474

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Big thanks to Pete, Julien, Bevan, Justin, Matt and Jake for helping finish off the entrance to the Haggis Basher.  It's all good to ride now, just stay off it if it's been raining as it will take a bit of time to firm up.  We also need to trim the vegetation back further down the old track.

It was a fairly frosty start which is great for getting work done, because you'll freeze if you stand around doing nothing.

Pete jumped on the scrub bar again and widened the last of the new track then moved onto the start of the old track.  Justin was kept busy clearing the slash.

Julien and Bevan did a bit more chopping and chucking as we pushed the barberry and gorse back to the closest natives.  Glyn came up to inspect progress.  He's almost been around long enough to remember when the track was built (it's one of the oldest tracks on the hill).

Matt and Jake then went through and removed stumps and tidied things up a bit.

There were lots of stumps.

We moved a couple of small natives and planted a few more flax so hopefully that will make maintenance easier.

With the line cleared we built a couple of small catch berms.  The rest of the track should take care of itself.

The berms will be rock hard after a frost but may be a bit soft after rain, so go easy until things harden up.

Jake earned first tracks rights, so he took the dog for test run.

Then we got a bit of traffic once the shuttle was running.

Last up we benched a bit more of the entrance and called it done.  Great to have lots of hands as we got a huge amount of work done in 3 hours.

Next session we'll trim back the rest of the old Haggis Basher and look at linking the top and bottom sections.  It won't be too long until we have a complete 'old but new' line from the top to the Plateau.

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