This Sunday we'll finish off the link to the top of the Haggis Basher track. Work will include a bit of benching, cutting a couple of corners and replanting some flax. We'll have heaps of tools there so just turn up.

Drive or ride to the top of Signal Hill and we'll be down the new track that leads off from the grass area. Hamish 027 442 6474

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On Sunday we cleared through the last little bit of scrub to open up the new start of the Haggis Basher track.  The drizzle cleared just after 10am so first up was a bit of pruning and relocating another flax.  Chris came up and helped the dogs cut in the first corner.

It's a bit of a rock feast in places so we'll try and leave what we can to keep things interesting.

It was really easy digging.  The biggest hassle was clearing all of the broken glass from the bottles that have been thrown from the monument (and a cut paw).

So that's the first corner done.  There are 2 more to cut in and a small amount of benching to do near the top and it will be good to go.  We'll leave most of the line to ride in naturally and see how it goes.  Please stay off it in until it's finished as there is still a bit more glass to pick up.

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