Sunday work parties (MTB Church) - 10am Signal Hill

This Sunday we'll finish the link to the top of the Haggis Basher track. Drive or ride to the top of Signal Hill and we'll be down the new track that leads off from the grass area. Hamish 027 442 6474

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On Sunday we cleared 60m through a solid wall of barberry and gorse to link onto the top of the Haggis Basher track.  Big thanks to Tim, Pete, Jason, Alec and Adrian for pitching in.  There's a bit of benching and a couple of corners to cut in next weekend and the Haggis Basher will be 130m taller.

This time we started at the Haggis Basher and worked our way up hill.  I got on the chain saw, Tim got on the scrub bar and Pete started clearing the slash.

It was pretty slow going. You can see why Darwin's Barberry is an invasive weed.  Apparently 15 years ago there was very little of it on Signal Hill, and it's now spread half way down to the city.

We basically aimed to take the track between any natives that were coming through.  After we've got the line sorted, we'll push the barberry back a bit more and plant the flaxes that we removed from up the top.  Flax should keep the barberry back a bit and save on maintenance (and it's not as prickly).

Alec got onto a grubber and started getting rid of the roots with Adrian and Jason.  With the line cleared it's starting to look a lot better.

We weren't quite sure where the track was going to go as you couldn't even push through parts of it, but given we were just clearing weeds we couldn't really go wrong. 

There's a few older trees in there together with a bunch of smaller trees that were planted about 10 years ago, so give a bit of time the native should take over.

Once all of the stumps come out we'll leave a fair bit of the track to ride in naturally and see how it works out.

Thank also to Pam for some home made sausage rolls - way better than the greasy shop ones.

Next week we'll cut the rest of the track in, push the barberry back, plant some flaxes then scope the next bit (to replace the bit that Mike stole for Debacle :-)

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