On Sunday we'll create a new bit of track to link the Haggis Basher up to the grass area at the top of Signal. This is so it will have it's own starting point rather than coming off the Jumps Track (hopefully this will get a few more people using it). If we have extra people then we can do a bit of drainage work on The Mrs as well. Drive or ride to the top of the hill and we'll be pretty easy to find. Hamish 027 442 6474

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We had a really productive session on Sunday thanks to Tim, Pete, Adrian, Archie, Alec, Garbhan and Jono.  It was a Dunner Stunner up the top of Signal on what was almost the shortest day of the year.

First up Pete showed us an easy way to get through flax bushes which involved a Hilux and a strop.

Adrian and Tim jumped in and started cutting the new entrance to the Haggis Basher.

We had to sneak between some of the old established trees so we pruned as little as possible.

  Archie had flatted doing runs so he stopped in again to do a bit of formation work.

 We managed to deal to quite a bit of broom, plus a couple of flax bushes that we'll replant. 

Alec helped out for an hour before he got stuck into the Moustache Express extension, skimming off the grass.

Garbhan also spent a couple of hours benching the track.

And Jono trimmed up the track through a small clearing

and through what used to be flaxes.

End result was about 50m of track benched and a bit more cleared, so we're about half way to the Haggis Basher. 

Garbhan burped his tyre going down the 4X track so I gave him a lift to bike polo.  I'll post a link to their FB page when I get it off Dave.

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