Now that daylight savings has finshed we'll kick off MTB Church again.  First up we'll do some repair work up the top of Nicols Creek as there's been a bit of pig rooting along the track.

I'll drive up through the farm next door, so you want a lift up, meet at the bottom of Nicols at 9am.  If you're keen to ride up then we'll be up the top of the track (near the picnic table) by about 9:30.  We'll then work our way down the track to the big macrocarpas.  We'll have tools etc there.  If you're running late or can't find us, txt Hamish on 027 442 6474.


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Big thanks to Jamie (who's folks own the farm next door), Peter, Richard and Wilson for helping to fix up the top section of Nicols this morning.   We started at picnic table and skimmed some leaf litter off where the track was getting a bit slippery.  

\uap>We then packed up the side of the track where the pigs had ripped into it. 

\uap>We took a few barrow loads of gravel with us to skim the repairs and top up a couple of small pot holes.

\uap>Wilson gave the track a sweep with the worlds biggest rake.

\uap>Some parts of the track had the side completely ripped out, so we mined a bit of clay as well.

\uap>Best to fix things properly so they last.

\uap>The track was getting a bit narrow where it crossed an old slip so we gave it a bit of a trim as well.

\uap>Now it looks a lot better - just a small section of retaining to add to fix one of the steeper drop outs.

\uap>Where the pigs had knocked the edge right off we used a lot of rocks to bring the track back to width.

\uap>The last bits that we fixed were a couple of berms 3/4 down the top leg where pigs had rooted the drainage.

\uap>That's hopefully most of the pig pugging fixed.  Next weekend we'll probably continue down the track and do some more fixups to keep it running well for winter.



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