Hi guys,

I see the signs are up for the summer series at Signal but there are no details. I'm not on Facebook at the moment and I dont want to miss out again this year on what i'm anticipating will be fun events.

Can someone please put the details up on the mountain bike otago website? If they are on the site somewhere can you tell me how to find them because the series isn't under 'events'.


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Events added now Kerrin. These sorts of "choc fish" events reach me very indirectly...


Thanks for posting the events Adrian, you beat me to it :-)

Is there any chance you could give me the appropriate permissions to edit the events?

I would like to add further details for each round as the info comes to hand.


Yep, you've got moderator rights now Clinton... 

Cheers, A

Thanks for the quick reply and posting the events, Cheers

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