Hi All

I am trying to set up a regular working bee's up signal hill for the maintenance and creation of new trails. This would be one evening a week and possibly during the weekend. 

MBO need many hands to maintain the tracks so we can create more :) Many hands make light work.

Please comment, Text 021997745 or email mikesgotgas@yahoo.co.nz

Cheers Mike

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Huge thanks to Phil and James for there masive efforts in moving truck loads of clay from the slip on The Big Easy below the pond. The corner has now been re shaped with the gravel now exposed again. The clay is still soft from the rain several weeks ago but will soon dry.
This Saturday we are looking at clearing an old desending line.
Next tuesday we are looking at going to the gravel pile at the top of the 4 X so we can spread it over the pot holes and muddy areas until it is graveled 100% .
Every helping hand is greatly appreciated, Mike

Massive effort by Phil, James, Hamish and myself who made easy work to lay close to two ton of gravel on The Big Easy to clear up so holes that have appeared and keep the mud at bay around the gravel pile by the 4X. We will be making our way further up TBE to tidy up any muddy areas over the next couple of weeks to keep it rideable until it is fully gravelled 100%


Ok, Tuesday Signal Dig is on. After last Tuesday mammoth effort we will be starting to rake and shape the line down to the Plateau. With 1 table top, 2 berms and 1 switchback already in place this line is going to be mint. So bring lights, Gloves, A mate and a yarn. See you at the top of Signal Hill 5:30 Tuesday.

Cheers  Mike 021997745

Tuesday Digs up Signal Hill, see you at the top 5:30pm
Weather looking great.
Bring gloves, torch and a yarn.
The dirt,rocks and gorse have already been supplied :)

Mike 021997745

Another Great Season on Sig Dig, slowly the nights are getting longer which is a wee perk. The Fallen tree is now Rideable (Does need tweaking a wee bit) Thanks to to Chris, James and Phil for moving a mountain of dirt and rock. Thanks to Tony for being the test crash dummy for riding the line.Below the tree we have shaped the track to Moustache Express. hope to be shaping the track down to the Plateau next Tuesday.

Great to see all the trail Pixies up signal in the weekend. Heaps of work is getting done by lots of people. Tuesday night Digs is making great progress on the trail (Unofficially named "The Mrs") the section we are working on is rideable but still heaps to be done. 

We are heading up Signal Hill this week on WEDNESDAY at 5:30 meeting at the top. or if you cant make that time walk down centre road and we on the up hill side. Bring Gloves, a torch and a yarn. Great to see you there. Mike 021 997745

If you want other areas of signal hill looking at please comment. We are wanting to help maintain the hill as well

Sig Digs. Another productive night tonight, Huge effort From Tony, Alister and Blair for their trail of destruction, with the cutting in of one great berm and the linking of the two shaped sections of track it should now ride with alot more flow in the middle section. More speed = Less peddling :)

With The section of track between Contour and the Plateau Completed (Re-Shape in a few weeks after it settles) We will be heading further up the hill. 

Yes this line is going all the way to the top and is Flowy and a progressive track and not a downhill line, so if this sounds like you. See you at the top of Signal tonight at 5:30. Bring Gloves and for the last time a Torch yahhhhhh Day light savings :)

here is a copy of the line that Sig Digs has been working on. Finally got to map it. it is 700 meters long from where it leaves the big easy with an average of 5.7 degs. The line is starting to pack in. Hope to get a vidio up of the line soon

Sig Digs. It is a great day when people flick you a text and offer to help out. Seems the sign I posted on The Big Easy by the four wheel drive track has returned its investment. Zoe, Alex and Thomas (All got in contact after seeing this sign) came up and did a massive effort to open up an old climbing track called "The RC" track that goes from centre road up the jumps track (Will cut in a new line to contour to avoid crossing jumps track) With the gorse and broom removed the riding line is alot wider and will provide a steeper climb for those who like to push themselves a bit more. After that we started to shape the track that has been cut in from the top of signal hill (Will get some ice cream containers and mark the track so people can start riding it) Thanks Heaps guys :)

Sig Digs
All set for tomorrow at 5:30 at the top of Signal Hill. With rain tomorrow morning the ground will be nice and soft for smashing out even more features on a track that is getting better and better. 
Bring Gloves, a yarn and a mate :) See you there

Mike 021997754

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