Last Sunday Greg and Kane came up Signal Hill to help add second post for the signs up the top of the hill.  The original signs at the top lasted about 4 weeks until someone decided to rip them off the posts.  The new signs are stuck to 6mm alloy plate, and fixed to 2 posts they won't be as easy to kick off. 

We also reinstalled the noticeboard.  It used to sit a bit further down the hill where the Mrs now starts. 

It's a bit of a risk moving it right to the top of the hill, but it's not much use if it isn't where people are going to stop and look at it.  It's now concreted to some pretty big underground boulders, so the posts won't be going anywhere.

We've just done a reprint to cover a few signs that were missed in the initial print run.  There are another dozen posts to put in and then Signal Hill will be all done.

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We're going to do a bit of work up Signal Hill this weekend. 

On Saturday, Chris Gough has generously lent us a digger which we'll use to do a bit of tidy up work on the Big Easy to prepare for gravelling.  We'll also recut the section of track at the top of the creek which keeps getting boggy, then use the tractor to ferry some gravel up the track.  Will look at kicking off around 9am.

On Sunday we'll install the last of the signage and a couple more notice boards.  There are around 15 posts to put in, but all going well we'll be able to use digger to bore the holes.  Will be there from 10am onwards.

We don't need too many people so txt Hamish on 027 442 6474 if you're keen to help out.  If we have a few spare hands we can do a bit of spraying and tidy up work to help keep the tracks in good nick over winter. 


I'm going to be up on the Mrs about 9am with the digger, benching a bit of track to replace the old boardwalks which are falling apart. If you walk down Center Rd you'll find me.

Around 10am I'll take the digger down the Big Easy and give it a tidy up so it will be easier to gravel.

Last item on the to do list is to fix up the muddy bit at the top of the creek and cart some gravel up to make it solid (some time after lunch). Would be great to have a couple of people to help with some hand finishing.

Big Thanks to Alan for coming up to help today.  We took out the old boardwalks on The Mrs and benched in a new bit of track.  A man-sized water table and a couple of pipes should take care of the water when it comes.   This is the upper section of boardwalk before we started:And this is the track now:

\uap>We also moved the point where The Mrs crosses Treaty Track up a little so approaching riders aren't hidden by a tree.

\uap>I then took the digger down the Big Easy and gave the track a bit of a tidy so we can get the tractor  through, as we'll be starting gravelling again soon.  Also dealt to a few ruts and muddy potholes and fixed the big muddy section up the top of the creek.

\uap>Sunday is signage day.  If you're keen to help, we're meeting at the shed at LPHS at 10am.  There are about 10 holes to bore, 20 posts to plant and around 30 signs to screw up.  Will also put up a couple of notice boards.




Another big day up Signal.  Thanks to Adrian, Adrian, Glyn and Jason for giving a day in the name of signage.  We put in around 17 posts, put up about 30 signs and installed a noticeboard at the Plateau.  Not a bad effort given the crowbar got quite a workout.  All up Signal Hill has consumed over 100 signs!

\uap>First up, below is a picture of what used to be the big muddy hole up the creek on the Big Easy (complete with lazer-eye dog).  Hopefully this is fixed for good now.  Thanks again to Chris at Mosgiel Mini Digger Hire for the loan of the digger.

\uap>We started with signage on Water Tank Rd

\uap>Then put in another 3 posts at the pond jump intersection.  Jason nearly got sucked into one of the holes.

\uap>Then did a bunch of road crossings and put some more posts in at the Plateau.  This is now an 8-way intersection!  Getting to the point of sign polution now.

\uap>Glyn put up one of his noticeboards at the Plateau - will be a handy place for a trail map.  Was a really busy day on the hill with a lot of people coming past all day.  Lots of kids on the Big Easy which was nice to see.

\uap>The signage crew then tested out the seating arrangements.  All going well, we'll have a water tap here soon.

\uap>The last bunch of signs were put up around OC, so nearly all done.



I'll be up Signal on Sunday morning on the digger finishing off a link between the Plateau and the next stage of The Mrs. If you're keen to help with a bit of raking and rock chucking, txt me in the morning. Will aim to be there by 9am (ish). Should take about 3hrs to finish it off before the digger goes back to gravelling the Big Easy. Hamish 027 442 6474

$50 of diesel, a $150 hydraulic hose and Mike on the rake for a day and now we have a link between the plateau and the next stage of The Mrs.  It's pretty dry and loose at the moment, so please stay off it until we've had a decent rain to settle it down.

\uap>The track starts off where the old 4WD track was (I moved the 4WD track over a bit a couple of months ago to make room).

\uap>The aim was to make it fun and flowy, but fairly mellow so that we've got the option of continuing the digger dug line further down the hill for an easy downhill line. 

\uap>There are a couple of inside lines that make use of the rocks (there are a lot of rocks!).

\uap>The first rock is nice and rollable

\uap>This leads into a sweet corner just below the 4WD track.

\uap>Might need to tweak a few things once we get bikes on it, but it looks pretty good.

\uap>Will post some pictures of the rest of it later as it was dark when I finished up.


\ua Here are a few more pictures of the new track off the plateau. Managed to demo a lot of gorse in the process, avoided all the natives and looped around a mighty fine cabbage tree.\ua
\ua There is another inside rock line on one of the corners that is a bit lippy, so look before you ride it. \ua
\ua There's a small table then another corner beside the 4WD track.\ua
\ua This flicks you out towards the big cabbage tree\ua
\ua Which you go around then head into the bush.\ua
\ua \ua A bit of grubber time tonight with Mike and Jason and it's now linked to the next section of The Mrs. Mike's got another 3 corners to cut then the track will be through to the start of OC.\ua
\ua/div> \uadiv>\ua
\ua  \ua
\ua/div> \uadiv>\ua
\ua Please stay off it until we have a bit of rain to settle it down though. This mornings sprinking didn't really do anything.\ua

Fantastic work.

Another couple of little jobs ticked off today.  Glyn and Adrian installed a notice board at the back of Logan Park High School, and I fixed up the bollard on the track beside the creek.

\uap>We installed a bollard several years ago to stop people boganing up the top field.  The padlock was mounted too low and kept filling with mud, so we left it unlocked for several years until someone finally worked out they could just pull the bollard out and throw it in the creek.  Now it's safely locked again so it should keep the field from getting ripped up over winter.

\uap>Adrian ripped out the old sign post beside the track, complete with stolen compactor poster :-(

\uap>Three attempts were made to drill post holes, blocked by concrete.

\uap>One hole worked so the noticeboard is now installed.  Just needs a piece of pinex then we can put up maps etc.


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