Now that spring is here the tracks up on Signal Hill are starting to get a bit more use.  Given that most of our tracks are built on clay or dirt, we've got to get the drainage nailed otherwise we end up with rutty bogs everywhere.  Over the next few weeks we're going to concentrate drainage to make sure all our tracks are running sweetly for summer.  

Josiah was keen to sort out a couple of puddles so we went up at the start of the week and installed a few drains.  This one is just into the bush on the Mistress. 

Whisky helped to clear out the ditch for the pipe.

Pipe installed and rut repaired.  If you have a spare hour to help keep a trail running sweetly, go for a walk with a spade and clear any material out of the sumps so the pipe stays open. 

We put another pipe in the digger dug section of trail just below the plateau.  Here the water was starting to eek it's way across the track - give it a year and we'd end up with ruts everywhere.

Good drainage means keeping the water on the inside of the track and out of the riding line.  This is another thing that anyone can do really quickly - just scoop out any material that has come off the bank and started to silt up the inside of the corners.  

Now the water should stay on the inside of the track and the bikes should stay on the dry line outside. 

We also fixed a puddle on Moustache Express.  This trail was remodelled by the PD crew at the start of winter to make some of the trail crossings safer.

If anyone is keen to deal to some puddles, we've got heaps of tools and oodles of draincoil.

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