A couple days ago I removed my brake pads as I have noticed a large drop off in braking power, these are same pads that came with the bike which are nearly 2 years old. They still look like they have some life in them, should I just replace them anyway?

After putting them bake in I'm getting a large amount of brake rubbing (only on the rear wheel), I've tried a couple things I saw on the internet, like tightening the wheel while there is weight it on it, not upside down etc. It's actually made it worse, I don't think it's alignment as it looks like both pads are rubbing:





I think these are Juicy 3 brakes.

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Best advice is to take it into your LBS to get them to at least look at it.

Sounds like it could be a warped rotor?  Or the pistons are not properly centered?

Sorry, the pictures are not working for me right now, and it is always difficult to diagnose issues without being physically near the bike!

Apparently you can't link photos on these forums.... have added plain links instead.

I don't think it's a bent rotor as it is equally rubbing the whole way around. Thanks for the reply, it's probably about time to get it serviced anyway. Bit of a pain as it's how I get to work, might have to buy  a spare bike :P

No worries.  Also doesn't help being on a mobile right now!

Take it into a shop or two on the weekend - without naming any, there are one or two that should be able to help you out before Monday.

If it is just pads, it is easy.  Alignment can often be tricky to get right too.  Either way, they should be able to help.

Good old juicy 3s - they use non-mineral oil so the seals get a bit tight and sometimes they get a bit tired.

I replaced some a while back because they'd passed their use by date and no amount of adjustment would give normal lever/ piston travel. 

Have you tried taking the pads out and gently separating the pistons (splaying them back out with a flat screw driver end and giving the face a wipe) so they are as far apart as they go? 

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