Last Update before Weekend – this info updates and replaces some of the info in the Race Booklet.

Pre- Rego – 3rd October - 6:00pm to 7:30pm LPHS Car park

The MBO Caravan will be stationed in the Logan Park High School Car Park on Friday the 3rd from 6:00pm to 7:30pm to accept pre-entries. So come along, get your race pack and get sorted before you get to the XC on Saturday morning.  See Google Map @ LPHS

Pre – Ride - 3rd October

Friday: All courses are open to ride (but un supported), the XC will be arrowed but not taped (as walkers /etc break it). Please treat all courses as open to general public.  They will not be closed until each RACE DAY. If your riding on Wakari Road please follow all road rules.



Registration for XC (All Classes) ~8:00am8.45am at XC Course (MBO Caravan), Wakari Road.

Venue: Wakari Creek, Wakari Road – Rego from Starts at around 9:30am and will finish about 2:00pm then prize giving.


Registration for DH (All Classes) ~8:00am8.45am at Logan Park High School – top field. Follow the signs.  

Venue – Start top of Signal Hill (Finish top field at the rear of Logan Park High School).

Practice will be from ~9:30am (we should get 2/3 runs in). We will use the third run to seed riders. Racing run starts around 12:00pm and we will finish about 2:30pm then prize giving.

THE BIKE OTAGO SUPER D (SD) MONDAY - 6th of October 2014

Registration for XC (All Classes) ~8:00am – 8.45am at Logan Park High School – top field. Follow the signs. 

Venue – Start top of Signal Hill (starts around 9:45. It will finish around 12:00pm) depending on weather etc. We will ferry bikes up the hill to the start to ensure an orderly start. This will eb friefed before the event.

Overall Prize Giving:

At the finish of the Super D we will collate all results and will have the awards for the Overall Champion, SD winners and awards for the schools (both NZSSMTB and SISSMTB).

Prizes: All age groups in NZSSMTB and SISSMTB and Overall Champions will receive Winners (1st, 2nd and 3rd) Badges (for wearing at school, etc). 


Race Seeding / National Ranked Riders:

We have had a number of questions about how riders who have attended National Events will be catered for in the XC, DH and SD.

XC: We are doing a name check against last year’s SISSMTB and the NISSMTB race events and National Results.  Ranked riders will be put to the front of the field of their age group.

DH: We are doing a name check against last year’s SISSMTB and the NISSMTB race events and National Results.  Where possible ranked riders will be seeded at the front of their age groups. A seeding run will also underpin rider start position. For the seeding run, we intend to start riders in school groups based on a randomised list of schools.  1 minute between schools and 30s between riders.  It is best to run your slower riders first, then progressively move to faster riders.  That way a really fast rider won’t be going after a really slow rider. Team Manager will need to figure the start groups BEFORE seeding.

SD: As all participants are sent off in timed intervals based on age group we see little chance of riders having an issue as times are split by ~30sec and the track has passing opportunities galore..

It is up to the Team Manager to consider the school team and incumbent skills levels. Please talk to us, but also please realise everyone can’t be put at the front! J


We have had a glorious week, but we may have some liquid sunshine this weekend. Wakari Creek and the XC is well sheltered. Signal Hill is exposed at the top, so for the DH and SD make sure you wear warm clothing IF we get a southerly blast. We will track the weather and see if we can need a Plan B for cover on the top of the hill.


XC Course is as mapped. I will load an update to Face book.

DH: Course: We have changed the route a little bit, the bottom section is very tidy now. I will load an update to Face book.

SD: Course: This has changed the most.  . I will load an update to Face book.

Note: MBO /Commissar reserves the right to alter the course for safety reasons /weather changes.

All decisions by the Race Director/ MBO /Commissar are final.

Track Maps:

We encourage you to use see MBO web site on how to load to your smart phone at .  All the tracks used in courses for this event are on the app.

Sponsors: We would like to thanks our sponsors, Dunedin City Council, Cycle World, R&R Sport, Topedo7, Natures Valley and Bike Otago. And thanks to our supporters Logan Park High School, Cadbury’s Nz. and Mosgiel Mini Diggers.

Cheers from the awesome….MBO Team | Chris Arbuckle - Mountain Biking Otago

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