November Monthly MBO Meeting
Lots on as usual...
MBO will affiliate to CNZ and MTBNZ again this year to insure club activities have insurance cover, club riders can get their race license and we support MTBNZ Race series and NZ development of MTB.
Tracks team and committee welcomed Dylan back. Dylan’s already done a needs assessment on tracks and had started planning weed control, fixing water runoff and tidying sections not TLCed by the team for events. MBO will also help DCC via with a pump track in Fairfield (not the controversial BMX track).
Many of the team have got sign posts in, so signs will go in over next month or so.
MBO tracks will soon all be on Trail Forks - we have been asked but TF to admin MBO tracks. Thanks to MAXXIS for getting stuff up there already.
Signal Hill is progressing, Mikes new track has taken shape and riders (and his Mrs) love it. The BE is still getting a topping and we will sort the bog hole at the base once and for all.
OPUS have provided us engineering drawings for the road development and car park on the back field of LPHS. Also the LPHS Sports HUB idea and building feasibility is slowly progressing. MBO will progress on the ASAP by sorting consents for the road.
DH runs all good and teams have been tweaking lines. We will need to work on the course for the Nationals coming up to prove once and for all Siggers is NZ's best DH.
Bethunes and Forester all good afetr the work we put in for SISS.
Wakari Riding Sweet EOS.
Nicols - We have had a few people ask “When the $%^& will we finish Nicols”. We will nail Nicols once BE is near sorted, we also need resource consent for the top section and are trying to wrap into our discussion with DCC / ORC we don’t get caught by unnecessary costs. We also need the go ahead for digger time.
Whare Flat - all ok by the looks - but Green Mile being logged.
OCT Funding and Youth Development - Bikeschool and MBO have met regarding a plan for next year. We will be talking to Secondary schools as the school year comes to a close to prep for an onslaught in 2016. We are already helping the next stage of the South Dunedin Cycling Project.
Gear – Our caravan is getting some TLC from Glyn and is entirely repairable. We have wondered whether we should take the moment to install a toilet for Hamish while we are at it (he spends a lot of time in there at Naseby 12hr), a shower and disco ball.
Membership – Stoked to get my new card tonight and sheep trigs.... Emma Howell is getting a process nailed, so the growing number of member apps will be progressed. Cheers Em.
Donovan has done a great job of fronting the Bike Otago / Dunners Enduro. 54 odd riders hit Mt Cargill in the weekend. Big ups for the support, all had fun.
Up and comming MBO Events
Three Peaks - We met and thrashed out a few things about 3 Peaks. Kashi will send out a request for volunteers. Is dam fine fun to watch and support – if you pick your spot you can yell at riders causing havoc (personal experience eh Goughy).
This will be at the:
Starters Bar,
Thursday December the 10th
Last years Minutes and Agenda will be posted soon. There will be a couple of things to talk through, officers to vote in. But in the main it’s a celebration of the year’s activities. We will setup a rego site via MBO web /FB site to help gauge catering. Please put the date in your calendar and come along, have a beer and deep fried pies.
Note you have to be a financial member to vote.
Including Club Awards:
MBO On-A-Mission Award -
for a committee or club member going beyond the call of volunteer for the benefit of the club by completing key projects. President and Vice President silent nomination / decision
MBO Grommie Award –
for a young /new committee member who steps up to the task and supports the aims of the club, Nomination from committee; Voted by committee.
Golden Spade Award –
for the committed development of tracks / building and volunteer maintenance of a MBO track(s).
Nominated / awarded by Track SC Chair / President.
President’s Award -
For extraordinary service to the club and its objectives via a massive screw up.

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