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Following on from this thread - (http://www.mountainbikingotago.co.nz/forum/topics/three-peaks-track) wanted to see the interest in organising a group to re-establish the track that runs off from Leith Valley Road up towards Cowan Road.

I've approached management at City Forests (from a walking / running perspective) & they seem really open to the track being reestablished & this time logged formerly so it isn't lost again in felling operations!

I was keen to get input from MBO & see if there is interest in doing a project to re-opening this track (potentially improving on what was there previously as well).



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Unfortunately I have had my permit application to City Forests declined.

To work in City Forests now requires $5 million liability insurance, full certification, and compliance. I'm sure MTB Otago is fully aware. It's a pity but it means I can't help. I'm unsure of all the implications for forest users but means any track has to be sanctioned...

I have asked for the track to be cleared, but given a year no decision has been made.

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