I was working on the big easy in the weekend trying to clear up some wee patches. Hope to lay some gravel on the trck above the the two bridges to stop it from getting greasey if it rains. Other than that it looks amazing.

The only issue is the track is getting really overgrown. With only 4 weeks to go until the masters is there any chance in getting the track cut back and or sprayed?

Not to sure if MBO has a committee, or some working bee's for the games but would be really cool if the big easy was looking 110%

Cheers Mike

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I've done it in the past and it's not a job I want to do again. But my advice is to have 3 people to 1 scrub bar 1 to carry the fuel/rest 1 to rake 1 on the bar then as 1 gets sore or tired they can change around and shin pads as stones really hurt when they ping off the blade.

Hi Mike,

Not sure if Hamish has chatted to you, but am following up on this forum as well.

Cheers for noting this. We DO have a committee and yes we are planning a pre MG working bee.  To be posted once we herd some gear. Hamish and I had  a look and plan to get about 6 or so dumper loads of gravel up there around the bridge and also plan to flank the existing gravel below the bridge as its way too proud and providing a bit of a danger to beginner riders (rolling off the edge on the corner and canning off) . Give me you email and I'll loop to some info / contact as well. 

Email chris@aspiringenvironmental.co.nz

Cheers Chris

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