Last Sunday Pete and Richard came up to help at Signal.  Richard went down and cleared a decent path through the slip on the Big Easy.  He had a pretty good workout shoveling wet clay for a couple of hours.

This spot has slipped a couple of times in the past and it was never obvious why until now.  When we have a decent rain water comes down Water Tank Rd and runs straight through into the start of the Big Easy, along the track for a bit then off the edge causing the slip.  I dug a couple of ditches to head the water off and will get the digger up there in a week or two to beef up the water table and smooth out the road.

While Richard was shoveling clay, Pete and I did a bit more work on the start of the Haggis Basher.  Someone had made a nice little rock garden at the start, which is perfect as it will act as a bit of a filter for the track (lots of it is fairly rocky).

We picked up a heap of flax that we had taken out to build the start of the track and threw it on the wheel barrow.

Pete got busy on the scrub bar and we pushed the barberry back a fair bit on each side of the track. 

When we cut the track through we only cleared a path 2-3m wide.  The thinking was that if we clear it out to 6-8m wide then it will help the natives get away and also let a bit more sun and wind in to dry things out.

We planted a few flax in to fill in some of the gaps, so if everything goes to plan we can just trim along the ground (or spray) to the natives and we'll spend less time fighting the barberry.

It will also be a heap nicer to ride through and not as prickly.

There's a bit more trimming to do then we'll be good to go.

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