I'm interested in getting a group (about 4 people) to do a couple of the Mtbskills courses, trailmaster 2 and trailmaster 3.  http://www.mtbskillsclinics.co.nz/clinics.php

Looking for people about my level, good intermediate, I ride mainly cross country on grade 3 and 4 trails.  Am open to it being women only or mixed gender, either fine with me, but I'd like it to be a respectful group with any excessive egos left at home.

The thing I mainly want is to learn how to safely drop/jump off things that are a little too high to be able to roll off without smashing the chainrings.  Also how to properly/safely jump off little jumps, and how to bunny hop over things (so I don't smash my rear wheel into them and get punctures as a result). Most of that seems to be in Trailmaster 3, but there seem bits in Trailmaster 2 that it would be useful to have done first.  I've done the Phundamentals and Trailmaster1 courses which I highly recommend and it's probably best if you've already done these but if not and the level of what I want to learn seems right you could maybe talk to the mtbskills people to see if that would work.

I am in Dunedin, but am open to going to Alexandra, Wanaka or Queenstown if the trails there are better suited to teaching these skills or there are people there who are keen. 

Times that would suit me are, Waitangi day, a weekend day or if in Dunedin possibly spread over a number of weekday evenings.

Anja:  Are you in Dunedin?  Do you work for Mtbskills? Or know whom in Dunedin does?  If you do, what times/dates suit you?



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I haven't heard back from mtbskills, I used their main email address, not  a region specific one.  I'll try contacting them again.

I had an email conversation with Tryfan Ephraim from MTB Skills Clinics late last year about putting on a Trailmaster 2 in Dunedin so have alerted him to our interest.

Just heard back from Tryfan.  They don't have an instructor in Dunedin at the moment.  Kashi is taking time out to be a Dad.  They have an instructor in Wanaka who would be happy to run a session for us if we were happy to travel over to Wanaka.  I'm happy to travel to Wanaka for a weekend, would this work for you guys: Marc and Greg and anyone else who is interested?

Sorry, Lara. I would not be able to do that until mid July. I suggest you go ahead if you can find others to do it with you.

Apologies too, Lara.  I am not going to be able to make it to Wanaka for some time.  If you can get a group together, go for it though!

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