How to encourage riders to help out with trail work, especially when trails are super wet?

Just curious to see if anyone has any thoughts on how to encourage people off their bikes when the trails are wet and do some trail work instead.

i figure there's heaps of people out there that head out in the weekend for some excercise and to blow off steam after a week of work.Could trail work replace this when the trails are wet instead of potentially adding to the work?

Do people see trail work as unnessesary?

Do people see trail work as too difficult/don't know how?

Not trying to guilt anyone i'm just curious about what motivates (or doesn't) people to get out and do otrail work.


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Hi G,

My 2 cents:

Often riders don't know the condition of tracks before they go out - we've all ridden a track and thought 'that was drier/wetter/damaged/ridden out/mintier/muddier/dustier/ruttier' than what I expected. But say at the moment, once they are out for the day, they are going ride. Most people also probably think they aren't doing much damage, but it is the collective effect.

In terms of the new website, the concept of checking track conditions is foreign. No way of knowing or nothing posted at the start of tracks.

To get people to track building/maintenance (speaking as occasional track attendee), I would suggest that most people simply don't know.

The website is great - but how many distinct people look at it? Probably find there is lots of visits by the same limited amount of people. I signed up for an email newsletter, but never got even one? (But then I don't know if I'm a member of MBO, as never get advice to pay a sub - another matter).

A weekly or fortnightly email - to include trackloving sessions and updating trail conditions could hit most mountain bikers in Dunedin. Between MBO members, Dunedin-based Naseby entrants and Penninsula challenge entrants, must cover a big percentage of riders?? Then add in an email/text database of people who show up for trackbuilding............

Failing that, simply go old skool and put up a sign at McGouns saying 'trackbuilding 10am Sunday' would also do the trick.

As evidenced when did the gravelling of the bottom of McGouns, people knew because it was in the ODT and Star, which isn't workable to happen each week, but there was a massive load of people there - because they knew about it.

Finally, the other aspect is to keep them coming back - have to be organised, be ready and know what is going to happen - not decide on the day. To have people waiting around doing nothing is super-annoying and simply won't come back as feel their time is being wasted.

Like I said, my 2c and hope this helps.









Awesome stuff Karl, just what i was after some constructive stuff to work with.

That's kinda what i figured with the ''i'm only one bike how much damage can i do'' call. it all adds up especially on the really popular trails (Redwoods @ Wakari). we don't have a counter in there but i'd hazard a guess at there being 100's of rides in there each week.

Good to have positive feedback on the website update too. Adrian worked hard on it.

Turns out we have some of the things in place as of the last comittee meeting...we now have a dedicated member contact position. The first thing we're addressing is our poor communication of late. there will be a weekly newsletter emailed out to members and riders of our events. these will pull info from the website about events, trail work and other interesting things. This will hit a pretty wide audience and hopefully infiltrate lots of different riding groups and get some people out to help with trail work around our cities fine trails.

Thanks for taking the time to write. Stay tuned and keep up the feedback


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