Another awesome dig session on  last night with a couple of new lads to replace a couple lads that were crook. We managed to finish sorting a rather moist corner and create 40m of trail in the darkness. Really happy with how the trail stood up to mother natures moisture test last week. down to 300m as the crows flies to link top and bottom sections, about 350m of trail i reckon.

I'll post a pic of the trail thus far shortly

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A hard fought 35m of new trail was gained last night, as we ventured into some open area where trees had come down and scrub (blackberry, gorse and the exotic sounding Himalayan honeysuckle) come up. Luckily the new slasher makes short work of it all, massive improvement over the saw/loppers combo (as well as feeling all medieval). Pretty well through the worst of it. The 7 strong trail crew smashed out some sweet trail features and benched a solid section of trail. The WMC big brother survived its second night of abuse, next week we’ll let Big Sam loose with it...if it survives that I have a second offering for the masses :)


All ready for Monday dig night on Fir Trader at Whare Flat MTB Trails. See you at the Bullpen at 7pm. BYO lights, we have tools, brownie and a smattering of great chat.

No digging on Fir Trader Whare Flat MTB Trails​ tomorrow night. Instead some hard yards at Shannon's quiz night at Kensington travern, start at 7pm. $5 entry and i'm sure there'll be loads of raffles and stuff too, so bring your bulging wallets.

Well that’s 706 hours done and dusted on Fir Trader!!! Another great effort last night by the 5 lads through some very tough scrub covered terrain. So tough we only managed to create 40m of sweet trail. Fingers crossed we’re out the other side of it now and progress will take off under the trees again. The well-earned choc cake was smashed too, thanks Elaine!

Oh and if you want to get the inside lines for the up-coming Enduro series put on my MBO, Monday night digging would be a great place to start. The sooner the trail is dug, the sooner we can all get practicing our hot lines.

We’ve heaps of tools and next week we’ll have the monster flood light to work under too (along with sweet as brownie)

Wow!!! When I suggested to the Monday Diggers we’d have to bust out some record breaking digs in order to be able to provide for the Dunedin Enduro Series...I didn’t think we’d have 11 people turn up and in a coffee fuelled frenzy create massive 100m of sweet high quality new trail.


\uap>Thanks to everyone who came up, some old faces and some new faces: I never got a chance to have a breather at the front end of things as every time I turned around the trail tools were flying behind me, see pics. Pretty amazing sight under the prototype flood light setup.


\uap>Luckily there’s a week for me to recover and build up caffeine levels. It would be awesome to keep the momentum from last night going. I’ll make sure there’s another couple of tools and new saw blades. The earlier we get it finished, the more practices runs we can get!


\uap>Mike will be having an easy(er) night of digging up on Signal tonight, meeting up the top at 530pm for those keen to get there Tuesday dig fix.

Got some raw footage from last night :D

It was poetry in motion. Like a tunnelling machine. Saws going flat out, followed by clearing the gorse, followed by slasher, followed by picks, followed by shovels, followed by rack, followed by one mint track. Amazing thing to watch G. going to be even better next week :)

Bloody weather!!! We have a crazy tight schedule to stick to and you’re not helping things. Best stay home tonight people, as it looks like things will only thaw a little today and freeze again after sundown.

Hopefully next Monday we can set another record on Fir Trader! We might also have a handy wee treat sponsor by then too, stay tuned!!!


Installed the ducking ducks yesterday, with my little water and geotechnic dynamics manager.

\uap>The weather is looking awesome for another record dig on Fir Trader tonight.

\uap>See you at the Bullpen at 7pm with your lights to come get amongst the variety of jobs. We have tools for all the jobs, lots of chat and treats for after digging too.


Last nights digging session in 2 minutes.

Wahoo, so stoked to have Sarah and the team at The Perc jump on board the trail building machine that is the Monday Diggers and provide delicious treats for the good folk that swing tools and create trails.


\uap>Their sweet muffins are the stuff of legend...

\uap>Some say there more good eating in one muffin that most 3 course meals, others say they should be illegal they’re that good, either way it will surely be the tipping point to get more people off the couch and creating trail on a Monday night.


\uap>Be sure to head into The Perc on Lower Stuart street and grab a coffee and a treat and say thanks to the team there for being awesome.


\uap>We meet at the Bullpen on Whare Flat road, at 7pm and dig till about 10pm. Bring your headlight and we’ll provide tools, chat on dubious topics and of course delicious treats


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