Hi guys, I was at the Redwoods today and saw a sign advising of a summer series MTB event on tomorrow (22/3/16). This is the first I had heard of this so I was wondering where the best place to look for events was. I feel like Im missing out on a few fun events so I would appreciate any guidance on the best place (website or otherwise) to start looking. Even a search of this site fails to bring up any new (2016) summer series and its not under events. Ideas anyone? Thanks in advance

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Hi, the summer series is on Facebook, link to it here, https://www.facebook.com/groups/DunedinMTBSummerSeries/

Will talk to the guys and make sure we get races added to the MBO events page

Summer Series FB page is not public (non-FB users cannot view it). No one has even advised MBO of the schedule...

Ah ha, thats why Im not seeing these event. I am one of the few people who dont have Facebook. It would be great if they could be added to the website so us without Facebook can be in the loop. Thanks guys.

Hi Kerrin, sorry for the confusion.  I'm helping run the Summer Series and it was a wee bit of an oversight on our part not posting details on the MBO website.

Unfortunately we're coming to the end of the Summer Series, with the final round being held next week - 6pm Tues 29th Mar at the Forrester Park BMX track.  This round has a more social focus than usual, there won't be any racing as such, instead there will be a BBQ and an opportunity to ride the trails around Bethunes Gully and Forrester Park.

Would love to see you there!

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