Just in time for summer, we've installed a water fountain half-way up Signal Hill at the plateau. If you're heading up or down the hill, you've now got one more excuse to stop for a breather.   

Several months ago the DCC Water Department gave us permission to connect a water fountain to the main that runs across Signal Hill to Ravensbourne. The DCC Parks team generously agreed to pay for the connection as long as we located the pipe and looked after the fountain part.

The water main took a bit of finding as it wasn't quite in the middle of the old track and for obvious reasons we couldn't use a digger.

It ended up being quite a bit deeper than the expected - nearly 2m down.

Delta made the connection a couple of weeks ago Glyn got his mates at Farra Engineering to make a stainless post for the tap (thanks Farras!).  The guys at Mico Plumbing gave us some sharp rates on the tap and fittings, so all up the fountain has cost a couple of hundred dollars and some sweat.

Glyn gave us a hand to fill in the hole and install the fountain, so it's now good to go.  We also installed some location signs on the notice boards, so people new to the hill will know where they are.

It would be nice to put a picnic table up there as well, so if anyone has a surplus table (or would like to donate one), please let us know.

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