Who would be keen for our own social summer series? Similar to what Vertigo are running in Queenstown (https://www.facebook.com/vertigobikessummerseries)... a fun social series aimed at having fun, getting to know new people and going for a beer afterwards.

Just looking to gauge interest and throw some ideas around at this stage. So chime in if you're interested and if you have any suggestions on format, preferred day, frequency, etc.

I'll get the ball rolling... I'm thinking mid-week, fortnightly until daylight savings ends (5 rounds if we start 1st wk of Feb), 6pm kick-off, $2 entry for a feed afterwards to accompany bevvies at Inch Bar, Albar or similar, may even stretch to a FREE beer for quickest time of day or most improved from previous round :).

It's totally up in the air at the moment and open for debate, so let the discussion begin...

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Definitely keen, Clinton.  Even if I cannot ride, would be happy to assist with timing/whatever when I can.

Sounds a great idea - only one problem we would need a summer

Haha... Darren, you're not wrong!!

Greg, any assistance you can provide would help a great deal. Organising something like this is pretty new to me but I'm keen to get amongst it. Want to keep it social and fairly low key so shouldn't be too stressful to pull together.

I've created a Dunedin MTB Summer Series Facebook group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/DunedinMTBSummerSeries/.

Let's move discussion there as there is more participation on FB. Although this discussion will be updated with whatever comes to fruition.

Who do we have to talk to at MBO to ask if we can use club kit for the series, such as timing gear, communication equipment and the like?  And can anyone provide the relevant contact details?


Hi Clinton,

Thanks for kick-starting this conversation and idea! :)  I have forwarded your query on to a couple of people at MBO who maybe able to help.


Thanks Merrin

If I don't hear from anybody beforehand I'll go along to the committee meeting on 30th and ask there.


Hi Clinton,

See http://www.mountainbikingotago.co.nz/page/about-mbo for list of names for the club contacts. Can't see any reason we cant help out with gear, but the success of these event is keeping it simple.   contact by email and we can have a chat, you are more than welcome to have a chat at the club meeting, though I warn you we have a pretty full agenda, perhaps we could pop your item up first and make sure we can support practically. Give me a yell via email chris at aspiringenvironmental.co.nz .

Cheers Chris (Club President)

Hi Chris

I did check the About page, but the problem is there are no contact details for the people listed, except for yourself.  I was advised to contact Craig or Glyn and felt it may not have been appropriate to contact you.  Anyhow, the channels are open now.  Will be in touch via email.



Great got email, no particular ceremony for contacts, buck stops with president - at very least enables me to delegate to smarter people....:-)


Hi Clinton

Im keen to join in. Where do we sign up.

Cheers and great job getting the ball rolling for us average yet social riders :)

Mike C

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