We've got a 3 day happening this weekend.  250 people entered.  Saturday afternoon in Sandpit, Sunday all day in the main Rec area and over Spec Gully.  Sunday morning/early afternoon in the Hoffmans Dam block and south down to the main road.  I'm not sure if you get many bikers heading to Naseby for long weekends, but I wondered if you wanted to put it on your Facebook page or something, to let anyone know there will be 250 orienteers running around the forest.  


What we are offering throughout the weekend to any biking orienteers - or visiting MTB people -  is the chance to buy the whole updated (including recent logged areas) Naseby MTBO map for $5.  It's a bit smaller than A3, on waterproof paper.  Attached (I THINK we've got most tracks!).  I know I've bumped into bikers who are keen to know where to get hold of my MTB track map of the forest - if they were in town and turned up to our Event Centres this weekend, they could buy one.  I've only got 15 copies of this whole map so if there was a crew of people wanting quite a few, best they email me in advance.  They can do that irrespective of being at Naseby - we'll sell you copies whenever you like.  


Saturday afternoon event centre - Sandpit, old landfill, Channel Rd

Sunday event centre - Hogburn carpark

Monday event centre - Wet Gully Rd / water race junction area



We're also running a casual MTB course across Sandpit between 2-3pm on the Sunday.   My husband Craig (who's a wannabe MTBOtago member) will be at the old landfill, selling the Sandpit maps for $5 and timing people on courses (just by clock, not with Sport Ident).  There are 2 courses - first one attached, for your info.  Those controls for those courses will be left out until midday Monday.    


If any bikers want to know where to bike where they won't run in to orienteers, if they turn up to those Event Centres, someone like me will tell them where the courses are that day, and where they can go for some peace and quiet.  

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