This is not the proper place for this, but no other avenue has generated a response.

Last sub year I paid twice, due to a website issue. I arranged with someone (maybe Merryn) that the second payment would be kept and used for this sub period. So, in effect, I have paid my subs for this year.

I have emailed the only contact on the website (the president - why on earth there is only one person to contact is separate issue) and have received zero response (not even an acknowledgement that my emails had been received) on more than one occasion.

Hopefully this generates some level of acknowledgement/response. Is there any way of getting my membership card? If not, and in conjunction with the closed and non-communicative nature of this club, can I request a refund?

The club does good work representing mountain bikers in Dunedin, as well as trail building/maintaining. I want to support that. However, with the closed "old boys club" nature of MBO, it is in no way inviting or encouraging to get in contact or find any information. Sadly, if this continues, my support is going to dry up and will consist solely of race entry fees.

Apologies for the public rant, but I am frustrated and completely in the dark. I get the impression that you want to improve membership - this is not the way to do it.


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All I can say is sorry, just checked my email and you sent a request to the president email in Feb, I missed it in amongst a pile of work emails..and should have replied - no intention to ignore - just busy. 

The email comes to me as I do the membership...we have upgraded the system over the past year and the new system will automatically we don't have stuff ups.. happy to hand that on once we have less old boys around :-)  I have no reference of the agreement with other club members, but will gladly honour.  

I am sure we will extend your membership another year and if you want I'll drop a card and tag to you tomorrow in person.  just email


Sorry Greg. Put it down to too many things to do and not enough volunteers... Feel free to pitch in anytime, there is a club meeting tomorrow night at 7pm at Opus and we're always looking for helpful souls.

Hey also, maybe follow its become an easy option for us to communicate...i also update members...periodically...via email.. ..which you will get soon...


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