I'm developing a range of bike lights and am looking for testers.  The lights I have are aimed at trail riding, but are perfectly suitable for commuting as well. 

Message me if you're interested in having a go with these lights and providing your feedback. 

Also, if you're looking to buy some riding lights I have a few sets available, message me for details. 



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A clip on diffuser or softbox type thing would be great for commuting. I don't really like using my helmet light on the road because it's too bright, but if it could be diffused it'd be fine

Thanks for the feedback Phil.  Does your helmet light have a low setting?  Is that still too bright?  I have an optional diffusing lens which makes the beam pattern more of a flood than a spot, but it's still quite bright.  Are your concerns that you may blind oncoming traffic?

No mine's only full or flash (at full brightness..). Yup mainly concerned about blinding traffic. I guess the low setting would solve that problem, so not an issue for you by the sounds of things!

I do a lot of night trail biking I'd give them a hoon to see how they match up against the exposure and night rider lights that I use

Phillip, yeah keen for you to have a go and see what you think. When are you going for a ride next? Maybe could meet up and I'll give you the lights.

Cool post your phone number and ill let you know mines 02102400670.

Happy to give them a go and provide some feedback too if you need, Clinton.  Next night ride for me is probably Thursday!  Number is 021 550 264 if you need to get hold of me.  

Hi Greg, would really appreciate your feedback. I can drop them to you or could meet up next time you go for a ride. Feel free to call or TXT me on 021 465 564.

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