Chris Gough from Mosgiel Mini Digger Hire is lending us a small excavator this weekend to do some drainage work on Signal Hill.

The plan is to start at the top of the Big Easy around 10am then run down the top section of the track and clean out the water tables. We'll also install another couple of culverts and some side drains which should stop water from ponding / running down the track. While we're up there we'll also cut some dra...ins beside The Mrs to try and keep some seepage off the track.

If anyone is keen to lend a hand on Saturday txt Hamish on 027 442 6474. Would be good to have someone as a spotter so we don't have to close the track. There will also be a bit of hand-tidying to do after the digger does its stuff.

If you need to hire a digger then support the people that support mountain biking in Dunedin. Give Goughie a call on 489 6736

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Big thanks today go to Goughie for donating a digger for the weekend, and Archie, Norman, Adrian and James for helping tidy up the digger work. Archie and I kicked off at 10am in a fairly fresh southerly.

Over winter the top of the hill leaks water like a sieve.  Normally we let water sheet across the track but it's a pretty persistent flow and as the track has worn in, water has started running down the riding line. This softens the track, causes ruts, leads to more water down the track - a slow but vicious cycle.

Working from the top of the hill we trimmed the track to direct water away from the riding line and into the culverts. Now that we've got our sprayer set up we'll spray the water tables to stop them from silting up.

We put in another culvert just down from the top.

Archie kept things tidy after the digger had done it's thing.

Norman popped up and spent a couple of hours smoothing off the recut track.

Doing drainage work in winter makes it pretty obvious where things are working and where things aren't.

Most of the track through the open area now has decent water tables.  As the new plantings grow things should dry out a bit.

Adrian and James came up after work and did the late afternoon shift.

Big Easy drainage fixing - Day 2.

We had Goughie's digger for the entire weekend so last Sunday we kept working our way down the top of the Big Easy.  There were a couple of places where there's a constant flow of water over the track during winter, so we did a bit more water tabling and put in another couple of culverts.

Adrian turned up bright and early and helped to bring the gear down the hill.

Archie was up doing shuttles so stopped in for a bit of cross training.  We extended the water table along this bit of the track in an effort to stop water running onto The Mrs just below.

Adrian and Oscar were out riding so they jumped on the tools for a couple of hours as well.

We had just put another culvert in beside the old wooden gate so it was good timing having them to help with the tidy up.

We then moved down to the last traverse before the pond jump.

Jason turned up and spent most of the afternoon cleaning up the water tables and smoothing off the gravel.

We did one more bit of water table to capture another seepage.

The last culvert went in just before the 4WD track.

There was a pretty good flow through this one so it should help to keep the track from washing out.

Adrian went up on Monday and gave everything a run over with the plate compactor.  There are a couple of muddy spots - we'll aim to gravel these in the next couple of weeks.  Given the rain we had over the last week the drains would have all gotten a good clean out.

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