Hi there,

I will be visiting Dunedin, all the way from Oz, on the 5/6/7 of March 2013...

Whilst I can read a map, have bought the book, and hence could go out exploring trails on my own, I, as with many women, am a social creature, and would love to meet up with a local rider, or two, or three, or more.... male or female, to do a little single track sight seeing.

I will be on a dual sus bike, ride with moderate fitness and skills- no flash gordon, but can hold my own etc...will roll over things, but prefer not to have to drop off anything too big! For example- Blue trails=no worries; Black trails=might see me go around a few features.

Will have lights so open to night riding, but would prefer day rides so I can take it all in, if you know what I mean!

Please let me know if you are keen for a ride- from 1 hr to an all-dayer...even a cruise of the town and surrounds would be great, nothing like being shown around by a local! 

Where are the good bars/cafes etc? Where would you suggest I stay? Am on a Backpacker budget! But having been a tour guide for years, I know there are hostels, and then there are hostels!

Also, if you can suggest some good trails I might like to ride that do not require a car to get to please do so.

Cheers, and happy Trails,


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Hi Tam,

Awesome that you are heading to Dunedin!! Would love to show you some of the trails and good cafes - we have many of both!! :)

If you happen to be in Dunedin on the Monday evening you are more than welcome to join us for the Women's mountain bike rides too.

My email address: brewstmerr@gmail.com

Maybe hear from you soon.


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