Logan Park High School has asked that people no longer ride through the school grounds.  The school is totally behind people riding on Signal and they have always been really supportive when we run races or build tracks, but they've had enough of people leaving a muddy mess after they wash their bikes down, leaving the fire hose out etc.

About 10 years ago they were going to ban bikes so we got a bunch of signs made to direct people down the 4WD track, but we never got to the point of needing them.  Now the signs have gone up so please respect the school's wishes and use the 4WD track.  They may open a gap in the fence for walking access, so if they do, please don't try and squeeze through otherwise access will be permanently blocked for everyone.

Heading up the hill from the car park, use the 4WD track on your left, not the road through the school.

No going into the school to use the fire hose to clean your bike.  We're talking to the school to see if we can organize some sort of wash down area.

Signs make it pretty obvious.

If you're coming down the hill then head across the top field to the far corner.

Then roll down the 4WD track.  Keep left as people will be riding up as well. Use the short uphill for a bit of strength training.

The school has installed a gate beside the tennis courts, and they may open a gap for walkers. 

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